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Electrical Inspections for a New Home Purchase

Purchasing a New Home and the Inspector Indicated Their Might Be Issues with the Electrical?

Click to learn about the Dangers of FPE and ZINSCO Panels. A pre-purchased home inspection can be of great benefit to prospective buyers. Sometimes the inspections raise questions about the electrical system. Here are some of the most common issues found.

Common Home Inspection Issues Related to Electrical

  • Aluminum wiring
  • FPE Panels
  • ZINSCO Panels
  • No ARC fault protection
  • No GFCI protection
  • Broken covers
  • Open splices in attic or under home
  • Mislabeled or oversized wiring and breakers

If a home inspector thinks that there is a possible electrical issue then it is in your best interest to have a licensed electrician inspect the wiring system. Our residential electrical inspections ensure that your prospective new home is in compliance with all current electrical codes and is operating in a top notch & SAFE condition.

Here are a Few of the Things our Electrician will be looking for:

  • Performing pre-inspection maintenance
  • GFCI protection where required
  • AFCI protection where required
  • All “hot”wires are labeled “hot”
  • Damaged wires
  • Knob & Tube wires
  • Damaged breakers
  • Damaged connectors and fittings
  • Proper wire sizing to breaker size
  • Broken or loose switches and receptacles
  • Bad wiring and pinched wiring in attic
  • Proper voltage and amperage readings
  • Proper grounding system
  • General overall age and condition assessment

Call OZ ELECTRIC today and put your mind at ease 619-269-9930. A pre-purchase home electrical inspection can answer all your questions.